Why you should get a outdoor movie this summer!

The summer season is upon us in the beautiful state of Georgia. School's out, and families are spending more time together outdoors. There always seems to be a delicious outdoor barbecue going with friends gathered around. Everyone's finding fun ways to cool off, like taking a dip in the local pool. Summer is all about outdoor fun! But there's something missing...

Picture it: The sun is setting on a warm summer day. A giant inflatable movie screen in front of you with your favorite DVD ready to play. The kids are excited. Everyone's brought chairs and blankets, ready to get nice & comfortable. You can smell the delicious buttery popcorn popping. Children grab a refreshing and tasty Snow-Cone treat of their favorite flavor. The delightful cotton candy you taste brings you right back to childhood. You feel like you're at a carnival. You pop the movie in and everyone gathers in excitement. It's movie night! This doesn't have to be just a dream- you can make this a reality with an Outdoor Movie night from LimeLite Atlanta! LimeLite Atlanta offers Outdoor Movie Rentals at affordable prices! All you have to do is provide the movie- we take care of the rest! LimeLite Atlanta offers a variety of inflatable movie options perfect for any crowd size! Whether you're hosting for 50 people or 500 people, we've got you covered! Here's how it works: Our professional event specialists will visit your event site at least an hour before your event for set up. The event specialist will then hook up all of the equipment for you- the inflatable, the DVD player, the speakers, everything! Before your movie begins they will play music on the speakers to entertain your guests before the movie begins. If you have concessions, we will have that set up for you as well! Then it's time to just sit back, relax and enjoy the movie! Your friends & family will be talking about it for months! You might want to even make it an annual event! You can do more than just an outdoor movie in your backyard- Why not host a "Dive-in" movie at your local community pool? Beat the summer heat and splash in some fun! A "Dive-In" works the same way- We set everything up, you just sit back and relax in the pool! Guests will love bringing their inner tubes while watching a fun ocean-themed movie outside in the pool! Outdoor movies are a BIG summer hit! Perfect for apartment communities, graduation parties, birthday parties, PTA, HOA and more! So why should you get an Outdoor Movie this summer instead of just watching a movie inside? 1. Outdoor Movies Entertain more people Sure, you could host a movie indoors, but that would be inside where it's way too crowded and loud! Indoor movie might hold 10 people. Even our smallest Outdoor movie will accommodate up to 50 people! That makes for a great event already! 2. You get some fresh air while watching your movie Isn't summer for enjoying the outdoors before the cold winter months come? Bask in the warm Georgia weather while you watch your movie! 3. A perfect way to hang out with friends- Friends will be gathered all around in blankets and chairs, chatting, snacking on concessions, and just having a great time together! It's a wonderful way to get everyone together! 4. Get the kids outside to burn energy! Everyone knows kids are active and sometimes hard to keep up with! Don't keep them cooped up inside- An outdoor movie gets them playing outside while still enjoying a fun family movie night! 5. A Movie under the stars is a perfect date night! Movies are a popular choice for date night, and having one outdoors is even better! Whether it's a first date or celebrating an anniversary- Couples will love spending it together at an Outdoor Movie! That's already 5 fabulous reasons to have an Outdoor Movie night! Make this summer an unforgettable one for everyone with an Outdoor Movie! We also have concession options to choose from: Popcorn, Snow-Cones, and Cotton Candy. Add all three to really make it an epic night!

Celebrate in some fun with your family & friends with an Outdoor Movie this Summer! Call (770)-240-0928 and book your Outdoor movie today!

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