Bar Entertainment

Call LimeLite Atlanta for all your restaurant/bar needs.


Our mission is:

To bring quality customers during otherwise slower times of the week. 

To sell food and drinks to those customers.

To make customers aware of weekly food, drink and entertainment specials.

To have "NEW" customers become "REGULAR" customers.



Karaoke DJ
You will get a high energy interactive DJ, an incredible sound system, 2 microphones and thousands of karaoke songs.
We can bring our monitor or plug into your television.
High energy interactive DJ.
All the new and greatest hits.
Incredible sound system.
Onsite requests
We will keep your patrons on the dance floor all night...
Trivia With A Twist!!!  
Our smartphone trivia is the latest craze. 
Our goal is to create a competitive environment for your patrons. Our trivia uses your smartphone as a "BUZZER" so there is no cheating. We display the questions on your TV to get everyone involved.