LimeLite GoBo

  • A Gobo/Monogram light is a great way to personalize your event.


  • Our event specialist will work with you directly to create that custom design to give you that "WOW" "factor.


  • Our custom design can range from Initials, logos or  special messages. The options are endless.....


  • Take a look at our uplighting page to add color to your event space.  Click Here!


Steel Vs Glass
Steel Gobo
  • The drawbacks of a steel gobo are:  Breaks in the lines, only black and white images and it is very limited in detail. This is a perfect gobo for initials, names and dates.
Glass Gobo 
  • Glass allows for you to produce small text and images which are very intricate in detail.  
  • We can create glass with multi color.